GTL – Giza Testing Laboratory is performing all tests according to customers specified test methods. Auditing all fabric lots and garment Pos.
Lab accredited for the first seven tests according to AATCC test accredited by ILAC-MAR.

  1. Dimensional Stability
  2. Color Fastness to Washing
  3. Fabric Weight
  4. Color Fastness to Crocking
  5. PH
  6. Color Fastness to Water
  7. Color Fastness to Perspiration
  8. Pilling Martindale
  9. Pilling by Pilling Box
  10. Snap & Button Attach Force
  11. Color Fastness to Light
  12. Twist (SPIRALITY)
  13. Flammability
  14. Fiber Content (Cotton, Polyester, Spandex)